НД EBI 19/2020 – Съдържанието на резолюциите, приети от извънредното общо събрание на Aforti Holding на 21 май 2020 г.

The Management Board of Aforti Holding S.A. with its seat in Warsaw („Company“, „Issuer“) informs that the Extraordinary General Meeting („EGM“) of the Company on 21 May 2020 adopted a resolution, the content of which is attached to this report.

Moreover, the Company informs that:

The Chairperson of the General Meeting stated that the General Meeting was convened correctly.

The Chairman of the General Meeting stated that in accordance with the currently binding Statute of Aforti Holding S.A. in Warsaw, available in electronic form on the Company’s website – according to the provisions of §13 point 9) of the Statute – the General Meeting may adopt resolutions with the participation of shareholders representing at least ¼ of the share capital. Therefore, after the list of attendance has been drawn up, which shows that only shareholders representing 5.62% of the share capital are present at this Extraordinary General Meeting of the Company, it is impossible to continue the proceedings of the Meeting due to lack of quorum and inability to adopt valid and effective resolutions, which were to be the subject of this Extraordinary General Meeting.

As a result, no resolutions were adopted that were included in the following agenda:

  1. adoption of the agenda;
  2. adoption of a resolution on authorizing the Company’s Management Board to purchase the Company’s own shares for on the basis and within the limits of the authorisation granted by the General Meeting;

The Issuer’s Management Board also informs that no objections have been raised to the minutes.

Legal basis:

Article 4, Paragraph 2, Point 7-9 of the Exhibit 3 „Current and Periodical Information in the Alternative Trading System on the NewConnect market“ to the Alternative Trading System Rules


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