The new Aforti Finance TV campaign

Aforti Finance comes up with a new TV campaign. The latest commercial spot will be broadcasted in channels of Polsat and TVN. The campaign will end on December 2018. Our first TV spot could be seen during the holidays and from September to the end of October this year.

The advertising spot of Aforti Finance is aiming mostly at enterprenours running a sole proprietorship. The theme of the campaign is a case study of the entrepreneur – a dressmaker. After receiving a loan from Aforti Finance, she transforms her small service point into a thriving company, along with a fashion showroom in which she can proudly present designer clothes. The story is a continuation of the brand’s narrative, in which the support provided by Aforti Finance helps entrepreneurs to develop their company quickly and efficiently.

The Prospero agency was responsible for the direction, script and production of the Aforti Finance’s 15-second advertising spot. Media buying and planning was carried out by the WaveMaker media house and Marketing and PR Department of the AFORTI Group.

The new version of Aforti Finance campaign refers to the trend we are observing regarding the profile of borrowers. We try to precisely reach the industries which, according to the conducted analyzes, are not afraid of investments and focus on the development of their companies. The structure of our clients is very diverse, however, wholesale and retail trade are still dominant. An interesting trend refers to the increase in the number of entrepreneurial women who apply for higher and higher loan amounts for the development of their own business. This is the reason why the theme of female entrepreneur has been used in the campaign. Our statistics also indicates a dynamically growing number of business owners who are active Internet users, hence the decision to expand online channel with our Tv campaign. Such a holistic approach ensures not just reaching the target group, but also strengthens the brand image. – emphasizes Agata Grzela, the director of Marketing and PR Department of the AFORTI Group.

The loan services offered by Aforti Finance –in Poland and in Romania (since Nov.,2018) – target at entrepreneurs looking for optimal forms of financing their own business and development plans, as well as people running a sole proprietorship or starting to accumulate capital at its launch.