Aforti Finance S.A. – the subsidiary, begins the negotiations of the conditions of a final agreement on obtaining external financing CR 28/2019

The Management Board of Aforti Holding S.A. with its headquarters in Warsaw (hereinafter: “Company”, “Issuer”), in reference to the current reports of ESPI:  no. 32/2018 dated on 18/09/2018 regarding the signing by the Issuer’s subsidiary company: Aforti Finance S.A. with its registered office in Warsaw (hereinafter: “Aforti Finance”, “Subsidiary”) of the special-purpose agreement and no. 6/2019 dated on 13/03/2019 regarding a beginnig the negotations of the basic conditions of a transaction in order to obtaining external financing, hereby publishes that on March 25, 2019 it received information that the Subsidiary and a british investment fund (hereinafter: “Fund”) finished their negotations, and indeed they agreed on the terms of the preliminary agreement (term sheet) of the parties, which the Subsidiaty received on March 12, 2019.

According to the accepted assumptions, the amount of the Fund’s maximum commitment to finance the Aforti Finance’s loan campaign was kept at EUR 25 million level.

Signing a term sheet (a document containing a proposal of pre-conditions for a transaction) means that Aforti Finance and the Fund in the coming days will begin negotiations on the final terms of the financial agreement. One of the stages of these negotiations will be a due diligence, which will be subject to Subsidiary.

It should be noted that, signing a term sheet does not constitute a final obligation to any of its parties. The obligation will be a financing agreement, in which the parties will determine the applicables conditions.

An investor who submitted the term sheet – the document containing the proposed preliminary terms of the transaction, is a British investment fund (hereinafter: “the Fund”) based in London, operating on the European financial market since 2004. The Fund managed an asset portfolio valued at USD 4.3 billion on 31/12/2018.

In case of occurrence of new, significant circumstances regarding the above-mentioned confidential information, the Issuer will publish the relevant current message.

Legal basis: Article 17 paragraph 1 of the MAR  – confidential information

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