Current report december 2021

Ladies and Gentlemen,

on the 3rd of January, the AFORTI Group published a current report summarising the activities of its various companies. According to the report, total sales in December amounted to approximately EUR 113.52 million, an increase of 15.88% year-on-year.
Summarising the results of individual companies:

AFORTI Exchange: We are very pleased with the results generated through the exchange platform, in December 2021 it was an amount of approximately PLN 470.05 million, this is more than 13.21% more than last year.

AFORTI Factor: The value of receivables financed by AFORTI Factor in December 2021 amounted to approximately PLN 0.55 million, a decrease of 52.66% compared to the same period.

AFORTI Collections: In the last month, the value of the company’s debt collection orders amounted to approximately PLN 46.96 million, a result which is 45.13% higher than in December 2020.

We encourage you to read the current report.