RA EBI 24/2021 – Numirea primei zile de tranzacționare pentru acțiunile din seria I.

The Management Board of Aforti Holding S.A. (the „Company”, „Issuer”), informs that the Management Board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange S.A., having considered the Issuer’s application for determining the first day of trading of series I shares, on 29 April 2021 adopted Resolution No. 460/2021, in which it determined 10 May 2021 as the date of first listing in the alternative trading system NewConnect of 1. 240,599 series I ordinary bearer shares of the Company with a nominal value of PLN 1 each, designated by the National Depository for Securities with the code „PLMNTHL00024”, subject to the condition that on 10 May 2021 these shares are assimilated with the shares of Company listed in the alternative trading system with the code „PLMNTHL00016”.

These shares will be listed in the continuous trading system under the abbreviated name „AFHOL” and the designation „AFH”.

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