RA EBI 56/2021 – Răscumpărare prematură de obligațiuni

The Management Board of Aforti Holding S.A. with its registered office in Warsaw („the Company”, „the Issuer”), in reference to the current report:

a) No. 89/2018 dated 31.12.2018 regarding the allotment of series O26 bonds, hereby informs that on November 12, 2021 it made an early redemption of 45 series O26 bonds for cancellation. The Management Board of the Company decided to exercise the Early Redemption Option at the request of the Issuer in accordance with the Terms of Issue of the Series O26 Bonds

Legal basis: Article 3, Paragraph 1, Point 6) of the Exhibit 3 „Current and Periodical Information in the Alternative Trading System on the NewConnect market” to the Alternative Trading System Rules

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