AFORTI Holding S. A. este sponsorul principal al Start Gniezno

From the 2021 season, the speedway team from Gniezno will use the name AFORTI Start Gniezno!

„This is an important moment because, after 3 seasons of being a strategic sponsor, AFORTI appears in the name of the Start Gniezno club” – said Klaudiusz Sytek, president of AFORTI Holding S. A., during a video conference with Bartosz Kapczyński, the club’s marketing director. Business talks lasted very shortly, because as Bartosz Kapczyński emphasized: „For me, for Start Gniezno, the AFORTI Group is a very reliable partner. These are the years of cooperation that I appreciate very much.”

The president of AFORTI Holding S. A. also developed the topic of cooperation with the club from Wielkopolska, plans for the future, and the financial situation of the AFORTI Group.

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