RA ESPI 6/2020 – Date estimate de operare și vânzări pentru Grupul Aforti – ianuarie 2020

The board of Aforti Holding S.A. („the Company”, „the Issuer”) with its registered seat in Warsaw, hereby announces to the public the estimated operating and sales data of the Aforti Group for January 2020.

1) Loans for entrepreneurs
In January 2020, the total value of loans granted in Poland and Romania by Aforti Finance reached PLN 561,594.11, which in relation to the same month in 2019 represents a decrease of 80.25%. The value of submitted applications amounted to PLN 5,181,402.81, a result lower by 73.32% compared to the same period of the previous year.

2) Currency exchange on online platforms
The total value of turnover on the currency exchange platform in Poland and Romania in January 2020 was PLN 101 988 441.58 and was lower by 47.76% compared to the same period of the previous year.

3) Collection orders
The nominal value of recovery orders in January 2020 amounted to PLN 18 175 536.69. This represents a 43.59% year-on-year reduction. The number of recovery orders was 7,716 and was higher by 71.47% compared to January 2019.

4) Financed debts
In January 2020, the value of receivables financed by Aforti Factor 1,965,372.96 PLN and was lower by 55.19% than a year ago.

In January 2020, companies belonging to the Aforti Group focused their activities on activities that in the coming periods will allow to increase the level of margin on services offered and help maintain high quality customer service in the SME sector.
In addition, activities related to the process of obtaining the EMI – electronic money institution license were significant activities last month. Obtaining the indicated license by the Issuer’s subsidiary: Aforti, UAB is one of the key projects of the Aforti Group, thanks to which it will be possible to achieve the goals
adopted in the Group’s development strategy.

The table containing reported estimated data for January 2020 together with comparative data is included in the attachment to this current report.

The amounts have been converted to PLN, based on the average NBP exchange rate on 31/01/2020.

Legal basis: Article 17 paragraph 1 of the MAR – confidential information

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