AFORTI Factor Romania implements the KALYPSO financial platform

AFORTI Factor Romania IFN S.A. launched a new factoring system Kalypso by Rebit Sp. z o. o. The implemented implementation is a continuation of the cooperation that began in 2021 with the delivery of the Kalypso factoring system for Aforti Factor S.A. operating on the Polish market.

The Kalypso platform is a modern, comprehensive and flexible solution supporting the provision of financial services, automating business processes and integrating with the enterprise ecosystem. The system allows you to create a comfortable and safe space for cooperation of all parties involved in the provision of services.

Kalypso allows you to settle a wide range of financial products, both standard: factoring, leasing, loans, trade credit, purchase financing, collection, as well as dedicated, implementing sophisticated business models: financial restructuring, fuel card financing, servicing and spare parts financing, order financing.

The great advantage of the system is the flexible workflow engine, abundance of functionalities, intuitive interface, multi-channel communication and integration with the business environment. This wealth of possibilities allows you to carry out a digital transformation of the enterprise, automate processes, increasing the efficiency and customer experience at every stage of the services provided.

The above-mentioned possibilities are only translations of support for the development of modern enterprises by the Kalypso platform. As part of the implementation, you can configure the automation of any business processes using a rich collection of available tools, e.g. document generator, multi-channel notifications (e-mail, SMS, system notifications, integration with telephone exchanges), task management and calendar, dedicated user panels and dashboards, reporting.

Rebit offers the Kalypso platform in the Software as a Service model, which means that the contract includes not only a license to use the Kalypso system, but also full support in the ongoing work with the system, as well as its configuration and continuous development. In addition, Rebit provides and administers the infrastructure along with the software needed to maintain the system. Such an offer allows enterprises to focus on running and developing their business activities.