Our companies


AFORTI Finance S.A. is a company specializing in providing sole proprietors, civil-law partnerships, general partnerships and limited liability companies  with “non-bank” loans. The products  are dedicated to entrepreneurs whose access to financing their own business  is restricted due to the stern  requirements  of the banking law. Client’s assessment system, which is unique on the market, doubled with the  swiftness, comprehensiveness and transparency of the process, allows us to support our Clients effectively.



AFORTI Exchange S.A. is a functional online currency exchange platform for companies. It offers wholesale exchange rates, allowing for convenient non-cash exchange.
Our Clients are guaranteed   professional  counselling  regarding  transactions on the currency market. The Foreign Exchange Dealers Team provide our Clients with recommendations and individual foreign exchange forecasts.



AFORTI Factor S.A. is a company offering the services of quasi-factoring. It acquires from the Clients the receivables towards the provision of goods or services, which supports effective management of the portfolio of receivables. This is how AFORTI Factor ensures the Entrepreneurs have an instant access to financial means, which may foster the dynamic development of their business. SMEs owners are presented with a comprehensive offer which not only guarantees financing, but also a package of additional benefits, such as: individual assistance of a Specialist and consultations with the Analyses Office.



AFORTI Collections S.A.  is a debt collection company specializing in managing liabilities with a wide range of collection tools at its disposal. Acquiring and servicing the portfolios of liabilities is the second line of the Company’s operation. Our Clients are offered  a full debt collection, legal and financial service, which helps to recover and maintain proper liquidity. AFORTI guarantees substantive support and active cooperation with Entrepreneurs.



AFORTI Capital Sp. z o.o.  is a company specializing in corporate finance as well as financial and strategic  counselling. Our offer is dedicated to  small and medium-sized companies.



AFORTI AC Sp. z o.o. offers a full range of accounting as well as payroll and HR services for all of the Group members. The company is also responsible for the administrative management on day-to-day basis.