AFORTI Group’s market strategy

AFORTI Capital Group development strategy for 2021 – 2023

The primary objective of drawing up and adopting the Development Strategy for the Capital Group for 2021-2023, headed by Aforti Holding S.A., is to set and expand the directions of its further operation, systematically increasing the scale and profitability of its operations, and, in the long term, building the Group’s value for its shareholders.

The basic pillars of the Strategy are:
– debt collection segment
– company service platform – AFORTI.BIZ
– asset management segment

The Issuer intends to develop the activity of its Capital Group by building a multi-product AFORTI.BIZ platform dedicated to small and medium enterprises and micro companies, offering services such as currency exchange, factoring, maintaining multi-currency accounts and currency transfers. The functionalities of the AFORTI.BIZ platform will be based on the EMI licence. The issuer plans to list AFORTI.BIZ on the London LSE through its UK based subsidiary Aforti PLC.

Using the AFORTI.BIZ platform, the Issuer plans to increase turnover tenfold by the end of 2023, as well as increasing the number of clients.

In order to meet the expectations of AFORTI investors, the Issuer intends to introduce a full product offering for managing clients’ assets.

Aforti Collections’ activities will be developed through the acquisition of debt portfolios and the expansion of the scale of debt servicing by order.

The Issuer intends to continue its territorial expansion into foreign markets through its presence in 11 countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

The Issuer strives to build the most transparent business structure possible. One of the activities which will serve this purpose will be making the Capital Group’s subsidiaries public. The Capital Group’s activities are aimed at obtaining stable external institutional financing in order to change the financing structure of its operations.

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AFORTI Group strategy for 2018–2020

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