CR EBI 46/2021 – Appointment of the first trading day for Aforti Holding SA bonds in Romania

The Management Board of Aforti Holding S.A. (the “Company”, “Issuer”) with reference to EBI Report 39/2020 dated 4 September 2020 regarding the issuance and allocation of bonds in Romania, informs that, following the recognition of the Issuer’s application to set the first day of listing of the AFH25 series bonds on 8 October 2021. The Bucharest Stock Exchange (BSE) has decided to admit the bonds issued by Aforti Holding S.A., which are the subject of the application for admission to trading on the Multilateral Trading System administered by the BSE, under the Financial Instruments Section (bonds) listed on the SMT.

Tuesday, October 12,  2021 will be the first trading day of the bonds issued by Aforti Holding S.A. in the Multilateral Trading System of the Bucharest Stock Exchange, condition to the conclusion of the relevant agreement between the parties.

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